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started as religion, then music, then you tell me [Sep. 16th, 2007|03:53 am]
I used to pray like God was listening.
I used to make my parents proud.
I was the glue that kept my friends together,
Now they don't talk and we don't go out.

i don't think that there will ever be a time when i can't relate to a brand new lyric. this may well be the most psuedo-punk-rock music related post i've made in a while, but it holds true. every angry, bitter, emotional, vengeful feeling of hate and love i could ever imagine has already been realized by this band (new weapon can be very therapeutic), and they even threw in songs that were just awesome (separating them from the fall out boys of the world). but absolutely truthfully, if i were to go with the whole, "this band gets me" thing, it might well be brand new.

i know, i'm re-inventing the wheel with this statement

keep in mind, i'm not nearly as cool as my pretentious self would like myself to believe i am (even that statement right there is indicative of this affliction)

this is the focus of the first livejournal in eons? a rambling, almost coherent blurb about appreciating a brand new cd that came out damn near a year go?


i don't know what the deal was. i downloaded the brand new cd (the devil and god are raging inside me, for those of you less inclined) and just never listened to it. it was with the bouncing souls gold album. 2 albums from 2 bands that i absolutely love and hinge on rumors of upcoming news. and yet, i was able to say, "nay nay" for this long (about a year) for no reason at all. fear that it won't be good is the closest thing to an excuse, but that wasn't it. i can't even blame it on ignorance. i knew about these releases and downloaded early. it's not like coheed, where i recently found out that a single has been circulating for weeks (literally, weeks. where is my head?) and i'm legitimately upset at myself for missing my generation's zep. it's almost apathy. i am absolutely content with the music i have from the souls and brand new. a band like coheed re-energizes me and i feel like i need to get ready for a new sound, much like flogging molly (since there is absolutely nothing more exciting than a new flogging molly song). but still, i feel like i owe it to bands like the souls and brand new for being such a fucking anchor for me at certain times, and inevitably i just don't care enough. and then a year later i check out the new albums and decide, "yep, what the fuck was wrong with me?" brand new just seem depressed and inconsolable with their latest effort, and goddammit if that isn't refreshing. bouncing souls continue to be the greatest "fuck you, we're in a happy mood" band ever, and works as a great counteractive to aforementioned brand new cd.

that was a long ass paragraph. i don't feel like editing it or reading over it. there's a slight chance that there is an error in grammar and/or spelling. woops.

random cheers/jeers kinda aspect here, possibly a new format (provided i write more)

flight of the conchords - having now seen the last 4 episodes of the season (but hearing the first few episodes weren't as good), i pronounce this show hilarious

dimitri martin is hilarious - not influenced by his conchord appearance, but it reminded me of his stand up special. brilliant

i still stand by inge. maybin is my boy and i stick with him, through thick and thin. grilli can go to hell. rodney is still day to day

the band i want to see live more than any other (that i haven't seen yet) is cake, winning this position for the 8th straight year.

i am still freaking ecstatic to see the watchmen movie. best comic book movie ever (reneg immediately for sin city and sequels, but damn, the expectation is right fucking up there)

yes, i actually was the inspirtation for the seth character in superbad. seth rogen made it all up that it was about him

i would rather see undeclared or firefly restored than family guy (i know, i should get a comment or 2 about this)

drive was a great show

i guess i should list a jeer

right now, i can't think of one, because sadly, sadly, sadly i'm excited about tv in a couple weeks. heroes, family guy star wars spoof, scrubs and the office....i'm actually fucking pumped. like 24 season 2, with other good shows

total jeer - the inability to find frank's 2000" tv on any ptp network. i have alapalooza on cassette somewhere in my closet (along with off the deep end and everything else that was cool for dorks to have on cassette in the early 90s), but that does not compute with cd's and computers. normally, you can find any song you want on that new fangled internet, but goddammit, i can't get frank's 2000" tv. i hope that the biggest ball of twine in minnesota is just as hard to get a hold of

total cheer - fuck you, frank's 2000" tv is such a catchy song

cheer or jeer - for you, the reader, to decide - should i bring back the trivia question of the post? (instead of this section of random things i like or dislike)

just in case the people demand the trivia question, and to prevent any possible riots, here we go (again, be honest. i can't enforce that you checked on wikipedia, but if you cheated on my trivia game....seriously):

question 1: (one point)
what is the name of the terrorist organization in "fight club?"

question 2: (possible 3 points: 1 pt for each character named) what characters from the popular nbc sitcom "scrubs" form the hospital band "hibbleton?"

question 3: (one point) what is the colorful nickname of the combatants of the unification war in firefly (as popularized by mal and zoey?)
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clarification [Apr. 16th, 2007|10:30 pm]
on this subject, the debate is officially closed, as we're at an impasse. i know i'm right, and justin knows he's right. no chance of changing each other's minds. that, and it still infuriates me. aa is closer to a cult than anything else. sorry, but it is. as for forcing views on people such as little jen, i'm merely stating my opinion in one of my beautiful rants. i'm not trying to force atheism on anyone or even saying that people who are religious are anything at all negative or positive. i haven't made one comment about simply believing in a higher power by itself. this entire thing is about aa and it's religious message as a form of court ordered punishment. court-ordered aa is exactly forcing your religious views on someone. if there were multiple options for treatment, and aa was just one of many possibilities, this rant would not exist. however, it has been asserted that god is the one and only way to beat your addiction, and that i simply will never adhere to. people are not powerless, they are powerful. if you don't believe in god, and the court ordered you to aa, then you fail because you don't believe in god. how is that anything but abominable? now, if the court said you could choose to go aa because you believe in god, or you can go to another treatment center because you don't, then we have no problem. but as it stands, aa is still court ordered and completely religious, forcing you to admit that you have absolutely no control over your life and only one thing can help you (i.e. a cult. jim jones said the same thing. so did david koresh. oops). i have no problem with religions or religious people themselves, i have a problem with the government forcing it on free citizens in violation of the constitution. that's my beef. that, and aa is no more effective than no treatment. 56% of the people who stay succeed still means a 5% success rate, since everyone else left. and that's 44% of them who become bigger drinkers. also, i doubt your stats, since aa doesn't keep stats, even though they're so proud of themselves. you have to look hard as hell to even find an internal survey (which is where the 5% stat comes from). anyway, i'm beginning to rant again, my bad. in closing, i do not mean to offend religious people simply for believing in their faith or anything. i have no problem with that in the least, and if i didn't convey that well, than i apologize. none of the mean and hurtful comments are directed at people who are simply religious, just as people who think alcoholism is a disease like cancer and people who force you to believe in god or go to jail. again, i have no problem with religious people or their views. but as for government enforced religion, i do have a problem. what if the only court ordered solution was to admit that there was no god and you have the power yourself. would the religious people be upset that they had to forsake their god? i sure hope so, so try seeing it from my side, too
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point counterpoint [Apr. 15th, 2007|04:06 pm]
careful folks, this one's a doozy

so this hot topic of debate (aa) won't get away, because morons continue to defend it. so here's point counterpoint. i'll put up justin's points, as he commented on an earlier post, and then throw out the counterpoint

seriously, justin. you used to be an intelligent, rational and inquisitive person. what the fuck happened to you man?


Ok, AA does not force you to be Christian. It makes you realize that you are not in control of everything that happens and wants you to admit that there is some type of power that is greater than you. That you cannot control that you feel urges to drink, and that once you start drinking, you cannot stop.

An addiction is a psychological disorder, hence disease. If you are alcoholic, your liver metabolizes alcohol differently than a "normal" person, thus it stimulates the classical conditioning response in your brain very strongly. It creates a desire for alcohol that is often as strong as a desire for food or water. Then, alcohol lowers your inhibitions so once you start, it's nearly impossible to put it down until your body can no longer tolerate it.

I go to AA because I don't want to drink anymore, it's caused me too many problems. AA is a proven theraputic method. I don't believe everything it has to offer though, the people there aren't just mindless zombies. I go to church because I like feeling spiritual: I admit that my beliefs could be wrong too.

I'm not sure if I want the girl back. I miss the good things about her though. But she's done some shit that is pretty unacceptable. But only time will tell how that will go.

And yes, I am now court ordered to go to AA meetings, lol."

first point. aa doesn't force you to be christian. the 3rd step requires you to believe in god. true, they make no mention of jesus, so you're not forced to be christian. you're forced to believe in god, though. tough shit if you don't i guess.

second point. you're never powerless. guess what, justin. you are able to make decisions in your life. you're never powerless. only if someone tells you that you are and you believe them. you know, like in an abusive relationship where the woman gets beaten and believes she deserves it. just. like. that.

3rd point. the disease point. seriously. anyone who thinks alcoholism is a disease is either an ignorant moron or an insensitive asshole. no in between. if you have ever known anyone who has an actual disease, and you call alcoholism a disease, you're a fucking disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself. you can quit drinking. you can't quit cancer. you moron. you rude, asshole fuck of a sad excuse. sorry. my mom had breast cancer, and it pisses me off that you equate that with a fucking addiction. or, we can call all addictions diseases. crackheads are no longer crackheads. they have a disease. a psychological disorder is not a disease. that's why it's called a psychological disorder. that does not mean disease. a disease is a fucking disease, not a fucking choice. god dammit you make me so mad. go watch someone die of cancer and then see if you can call drinking a disease, you fuck of a moron. oh yea, let's back this up with facts, too. "We AA's have never called alcoholism a disease because, technically speaking it is not a disease entity." - Bill Wilson, speaking to the national catholic clergy conference on alcoholism. straight from the mouth of aa, alcoholism is not a disease

4th point. aa is anything but proven. statistically, it helps someone stop drinking 5% of the time. which, by the by, is the same exact percentage of success that people who just decide to stop drinking without aa achieve. real fucking effective. another fun byproduct of teaching people that they have no control over their lives is the self-fulfilling prophecy. tell someone that they can't stop drinking, and they might start drinking as if they really are powerless. and since it only "works" 5% of the time, you get 95% of people who now think they have a disease and can't stop, so why not, let's get drunk. i'm powerless against it. get your head out of your ass, stop being a victim, and take control of your own life. it's pretty fucking pathetic if you're so stupid you think you have no control over your life. stop blaming it on something else and man the fuck up.

and 5th point. court ordered aa. again, since aa requires you to be religious, than it has a conflict of interest with government. sorry, but as an american, church and state are supposed to be separate. deal with it and stop trying to force religion on people. hey hey, here's some more facts (as opposed to believing that jesus christ went to church with the dinosaurs and was the only white man in the middle east).
"The New York Court of Appeals ruled in 1999 that mandating attendance at AA meetings compromises the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment right of those sentenced not to have religion dictated to them by government - because AA practices and doctrine are (in the words of the judge who wrote Griffin v. Coughlin "unequivocally religious". In that ruling it was also noted "adherence to the AA fellowship entails engagement in religious activity and religious proselytization." In "working" the 12 steps, participants become actively involved in seeking God through prayer, confessing wrongs and asking for "removal of shortcomings." The United States Supreme Court denied certiorari and let this decision stand."

what's that? more facts like that one. no problem.

"Grandberg v. Ashland County is another example concerning judicially-mandated AA attendance and the Establishment Clause. In that case the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled, "Alcoholics Anonymous materials and the testimony of the witness established beyond a doubt that religious activities, as defined in constitutional law, were a part of the treatment program. The distinction between religion and spirituality is meaningless, and serves merely to confuse the issue." In Warner v. Orange County Department of Probation a man convicted of drunk driving was sentenced to AA The court found that the county was guilty of coercing the plaintiff into participating in religious exercises, an act which tends toward the establishment of a state religious faith."

court-ordered religion is illegal. simple as that. aa is religion. so court ordered aa should be illegal. guess god wins because people are morons. if you want state-sponsored religion, you have to leave the u.s. it's supposed to be a fundamental aspect of america. so if you believe in court ordered aa as anything but reprihensible, then you are un-american. woops, god wouldn't like that in his chosen country. ignorant motherfuckers.

i look forward to any attempts to try to say that facts don't matter and aa is still a good thing, even though it succeeds as often as not going to aa, but causes 5 times the relapses. "Brandsma found a correlation between AA and an increased rate of binge drinking. After several months of participating in AA, the alcoholics in AA were doing five times as much binge drinking as a control group that got no treatment at all"

stupid ass, religion pushing, dumb motherfuckers. sorry, but you are. and really, i am genuinely sorry that you fell for the scam. you used to be such an intelligent and rational young man, justin. why did you have to forsake that?
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the shield [Apr. 3rd, 2007|02:41 am]
let me take my supercool wristband off (yes, i wear a wristband. deal with it)

so the shield. if you hate it, don't care about, never watched it, then whatever. do your thing. if you do know it fairly well, then you know that vic mackey is a bad cop (bad as in worst) who does things that i/you would do (i.e. beat/kill a rapist). it's basically a vigilante show that pushes the oh-so-precious boundaries.

so anyway

i remember way back in the day (few years ago, when i wasn't too cool to be embarassed about my life and talk to matt, cuz we lived together then) we would watch the shield. 5 hours at a time on dvd, every tuesday night religiously. we both agreed/disagreed on vic. good intentions (a la la confidential) but it's wrong. anyway, i missed the last few (4ish) episodes of the last season and it's on spiketv right now. i hadn't watched in a while. i always have a spot for vic and the whole la confidetnial russel crowe part, but it's so wrong. i hadn't watched the show in like 2 years, and i'm fucking rooting for the iad guy (forrest whitticker.....ish). and here ya go, folks

psuedo rant time

cops need to be held responsible. right now, this is only about the tv show. it's based on the rampart division (rodney king beating (influence gain here)). anyway, it's the ends justify the means, and it's correct maybe 50% of the time. granted, it's a tv show, but i know real life is not that far off, and we should we be striving for 0% wrong, not making excuses.

that is all, because someone made a comment about me angry, or too angry, so i will try to be more congenial

in conclusion (and in the ineterest of fairness (hort hort)), if you upjhold the law then you should adhere the law. "reality" in this case is destroying the idea. the lawholders should uphold the law (make a fucking note. this is the most right wing/*logical* statement i've ever said)
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i pick up put down the phone [Mar. 26th, 2007|04:00 am]
oh yes, my loyal, loyal readers, it's that special time again

the oh so special rant-o-rama

what is the subject this time around?

why, it's aa, and all of its religious glory

so i have a friend. let's call him justin (yes p, it's you) who loves him some religion now and everything aa has to offer. if it's just a ploy to get his jesus-freak ex-fiancee to love him again, as many of his friends hope, then kudos. otherwise, what the fuck man?

that's enough for my questions regarding p

anyway, i have issues with state sponsored religion. if you're christian, and dumb, and want to stop drinking, then by all means, join aa. do your thing. however, if you fuck up and go to court, they make you go into aa (no, this is not a personal complaint. with my dui, i do not have to go to aa, but anyone who is forced into it, this is for you). in aa, you have to say hey, i'm worthless and only god can save me. what happens if you're buddhist? what happens if you believe in something over than the magical jesus? too bad. admit jesus is the greatest thing ever or go to jail. go government!

as carlin says, and i paraphrase (cuz obviously i don't know the exact words), there is more evidence of ufo's in the world today than there is of god, yet if you say if you believe in aliens people look at you like you're crazy. yea, the magical being in the sky is there, though.

personal politics, if you will. granted, religion has nothing to do with politics, right?


my bad. since they do, i'll fight the good fight. aa (i'm bringing this back to that, in case you forgot, cuz i got a little sidetracked) is so wrong. chew on this, godboys. god gave you freel will. god made you in his image. so on and so forth. so you have *alcoholism* and only admitting that you are powerless and god is good can you be better? god gave YOU the ability to be better. YOU. YOU. YOU. that's the whole fucking point, as my catholic high school education yelled at me. YOU are POWERFUL. not powerless, but powerFUL (look, i'm typing in caps. i hate caps. that means it's important). YOU can make the difference. god gave you that ability. YOU. you are not powerless. anyone who tells you that you are not powerful is a fucking moron who wants something from you. you fucking moron

so there's my god loves you part. here's the realistic part

you control what you do. maybe i've watched the hilarious south park episode with the bloody statue and alcoholism-is-a-disease thing too many times, but seriously. you're gonna tell me that it's a disease? so beer=cancer? you're a fucking moron. maybe i'm biased in this case. my mom survived breast cancer, and i barely remember visiting her in the hospital because it was so fucking hard to deal with. and you're gonna tell me that you liking beer is the same fucking thing? fuck you. well, i guess that being a heroin addict is a disease, too. it's a fucking disease, right? alcoholism (and i feel i have a fairly decent grasp on this situation, with various alcoholics, *confirmed* and not, in my family) is an addiction. it is not a disease. it is a drug, you can become addicted to it. i get that. it is not aids. it is not cancer. it is not polio. shut the fuck up you ignorant motherfuckers. find out what a disease is before you try to cash in on that shit, you leeching pieces of shit.

this is an angry post

i just can't stand how stupid people can be. me? i do stupid things. i say stupid things. i believe stupid things. but come on, folks. putting a beer down is not the same as making all the cancer nodes go away. beautiful thing about free will is the fact that it's yours. not god's. YOURS. YOU make the decision to stop drinking. not god. maybe you stop because you think god is right, but it's still YOU stopping. you are not powerless

you are powerful

stop being morons, people


you make me so mad i have to post on livejournal
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2007|03:16 am]
so i tried to watch waking life tonight (it was on skinemax for some reason. i even tevo'd it). i hadn't seen this movie in....shit, 5 years or whatever. we watched it at dika's when it came out, high as fuck. and here's what i realized in the past 5 years

i can't watch this movie anymore. the ameritrade ads or whatever the ads are that are in the same visual style as this movie piss me off so much that i can't enjoy the movie anymore. i remember watching this movie 3 or 4 times in a 2 week span and loving it. now, i can't stand 5 minutes, because all i can think about is the fuckheads turning to the camera and saying, "8 dollars a trade? no thank you" or some bullshit

and it's wrong
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ordinary life is pretty complex stuff [Feb. 15th, 2007|05:32 pm]
so another hallmark day come and gone (guess i'm one of the everyone-i-know people who call valentine's day a hallmark holiday. but i don't get all pissy about it. not too much)

nothing really special about the day. about a foot of snow drifted all over various parts of the road. my probation officer didn't make it into the office, so i didn't even get to have my valentine's day (i mean hallmark day) date. i did, however, get a valentine voicemail from a girl who is hot AND fun to talk to, so that's something.

now, being the special day that it was, i of course thought about the last girl who had told me she loved (as in romantic love, not friend love), and i realized something. see, she had a serious boyfriend, yet still told me that (and that she had been in love with me for the past 3 years.....wtf, mate?). that's 2 girls who have been in serious relationships who have told me they love me. this means, of course, that they stick with the guy, and then you get the fun of that hanging over your heads. that's 2 girls out of a total of 4 girls who have told me that they love me who were in other relationships. i'm not entirely sure what that means, but it can't exactly be a great thing. granted, i do realize that having 4 women who have loved me is pretty special and nothing to turn my nose up at or anything, but no one does right now, so it's almost relevant. am i a casanova for girls with boyfriends, or do i just hang out with untrustworthy girls? here's some more super happy love info. the other 2 girls who told me they loved me within our own relationship both cheated on me. so of the 4 women who have told me they loved me, 2 of them were cheating on their boyfriends with me, and the other 2 cheated on me. what does that tell you about love?

i'm not being entirely cynical here. i actually am kinda asking. i'm still as much of a hopeless romantic as the cliche can be and what not, but i'm batting 0 for 4 with what is supposedly love here, and them's just not good odds (side note: none of the girls i've dated without including the "love" aspect into our relationship have ever cheated on me and they've never been cheating on someone else with me). so am i just....unlucky i guess.....or is this something other people notice? or, again, do i just manage to get involved with girls with questionable morals (i'm not putting myself above anyone, as i've helped 2 of those girls cheat). so what's the deal, love? do you actually exist, or do i just want to desperately believe in you so much that i allow myself to be fooled at every turn? i'm leaning towards you being real, but as usual i start to doubt when i reflect back on things

hey, let's have a new topic

jim rome is blabbering on tv all about tim hardaway and john amaeche. that whole thing just blows my mind. as a *fairly* liberal kinda guy, it just blows my mind when people can flat out say, "i hate gay people" on the radio. "oh no, the fag's in the locker room! he's gonna look at my junk and jerk off to it later!" i almost understand down south bible belt people for being that bigoted, because they have no education and think that white jesus and the apostles went to church in the middle east with the dinosaurs 2000 years ago, but someone who travelled all over the globe as a professional athlete and still believes in this crap.....i just don't get it. (religion side note: seriously....fossils are god's tests of faith? a white man was a native of the middle east 2000 years ago? are you serious? moses was white, despite being an egyptian......sure, why not)

let's keep on the religious thing. or at least, religious history. so with all of my oodles of free time, i watch a lot of history channel, discovery channel, science channel, etc. they have all sorts of shows about proving the existence of religious figures and what not (the real john the baptists, the 10 plagues, parting the red sea). i personally love the ones that show scientific backing for all of this stuff to prove the bible right. a supereruption from a volcano could cause chain reactions throughout the bible world, in the time period described, that could account for everything. flooding of the nile basin with all of this ash would turn it red (blood) and bring locusts and frogs and all sorts of other things described by the 10 plagues. it could also create a tsunami effect that would essentially part a body of water, so to speak (since it wasn't really the red sea, but the reed sea. much smaller). and they show all of this stuff scientifically to prove the bible. all i get out of is that this shit happened scientifically, and the religious people thought "magic!" because they didn't get it. by proving it scientifically, you take away the divine part.

this is the weirdest valentine's post/rant ever

does anyone actually think andrew dice clay is funny, much less deserving of a new comedy special?

guess i really don't have anything else to say

fruity oaty bar
makes a man out of a mouse
fruity oaty bar
makes you bust out of your blouse
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football and stuff [Feb. 2nd, 2007|06:15 pm]
hey, let's have a short football-y themed post

cuz why not?

so hey, i actually have a few places i can go for super bowl sunday. that's unusual. i'm used to one place being where everyone is going, and hoping and praying i can actually watch from a seat instead of standing up behind the couch in a crowd. but now i might upset people by not being at their shindig.

nah, no one will care

so anyway, here's my pick. who knows, maybe i'll edit it after the game to look like i'm a genius

much as i hate to do it, i gotta go with the bears. and i don't really hate to do it, but it's not the lions, so i hate it. anyway, i want manning to never win a super bowl and be the next dan marino. plus, manning is the one real advantage the colts have, and he sucks in big games (see: tennessee bowl games, i.e. why the wolverines only have a share of the 97 title). plus, go urlacher

so there's my pick

as promised, this is a short post, so now, some football themed trivia

3 pts (1pt each): keanu reeves has played a former quarterback from the same university in 2 movies, point break and the replacements. name the university he was from in each movie, as well as his character name in each movie

3 pts (1 pt each): name the first 3 winners of the super bowl

1 pt: how many super bowls has john madden won?

1 pt: what is the name of the fictional university in the movie "the program?"

here are the answers to the questions from last time

the name of marv's gun in sin city is gladys
maggie simpson shot mr. burns
steven jr. is the name of the eagle on the colbert report
toward, down, down-toward punch does a dragon punch

matt - 1 pt
adam - 1 pt
roz - 0 pts (matt already guessed maggie)

if you don't chew big red, then fuck you
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rantiffic [Feb. 2nd, 2007|05:36 pm]
so here's something of an unusual rant

first off, i generally use 2 programs for downloading things (i mean, legally purchasing things). i use torrents for movies and albums and what not, as they are more reliable, and something like bearshare for single songs and porno, as torrents aren't generally available for single songs. so there's the prelude

i got a hankering for a couple final fantasy songs....because of groundhog day

how you ask? why, wikipedia of course

groundhog day is on comedy central (twice in a row, actually, hilarious on february 2nd). so i decide, in my infinite boredom, to see what wikipedia has to say about the movie. as always, a generic wikipedia visit ends as a marathon research project. so after reading through various actors and stories and what not, i end up looking up various time loops in literature and movies and what not (including finally finding out what run lola run was really about, since i think i was the only person in high school who didn't obsess over it). so i end up on final fantasy, the original, possibly my absolute favorite video game of all time (sentimental reasons, oh yea). garland/chaos is such a good bad guy, and he created a time paradox. good times. so that page talked about the music and what not in the game, and i remembered how much i love that stuff. namely, the initial music playing when you load your game, and of course the original victory/fanfare song. so i decide to find it.

flash forward to now, and the beginning of the rant, and the reason of this post

so i check mininova first, hoping to find a torrent for the entire soundtrack. tons and tons of advent children stuff and other soundtracks, but only one has the original game's soundtrack. it's a file containing every song from final fantasy ever. it's over 6 gigs. that would take roughly 6 months for this computer to download. oh fudge. so i check out bearshare in an effort to find just those 2 songs.....

all i can find is porno. i can't believe it, but i'm writing a rant about how easy it is to find porno/how upsetting it is that all you can find is porno

i type in "welcome to final fantasy world" which is the title of the intro track i want. instead of that song, i get a bunch of rap that shows up, along with porno. wtf, mate? fine, fuck it. so i type in "victory!" and other variations (including final fantasy victory!) and i get more porno. no songs, but porno. those porno folks know their target audience i guess. but then we get my favorite. i get frustrated and just type "final fantasy 1" in hopes of finding anything from that game (fuck vii, x, x-2, etc.) and what is the first thing to come up? "final fantasy 1 cumfiesta" seriously, what is this? aside from a hilarious name i guess, i now start to worry. did someone make a machinima porno with the sleeping princess and the light warriors? or has the love of internet porno destroy everything accidentally? if nothing else, it's upsetting, because i get no final fantasy. i guess i'm stuck with the final fantasy iii soundtrack

oh well. guess i'll go find some porno. maybe i can find some heather brooke i haven't seen before. or else there's always pteradactyl porn

watch out for that first step, it's a doozy
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if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak [Jan. 26th, 2007|04:49 am]
greetings, stranger

it's been so long i had to apparently change my password

mungi suggested that i write an entry on january 3rd, as that has been the date in my aim profile since, well, january 3rd, and not change anything and see if anyone noticed. funny idea, but i forgot. oh well, this is just as good, me telling you the funny joke

no real passion or desire to update, i just can't sleep and i'm bored and no one is online to talk to

let's start on a down beat

so 2006 was very easily the worst year of my life. i won't bore you with the details of everything that absolutely sucked, let's just say there wasn't a whole lot of good. on the positive side, i didn't get dumped by anyone in 2006 (technically), and for a depressing emo kid like me, that's good news. i just kinda want to curl up, sleep for 20 years, and re-remerge van winkle style and have everything in my life be different. prolly fairly normal for a 25 year old waste of space. so i hope.

a positive note for 2007 so far:
for the first time in a couple years, i'll be hanging out with a lady on valentine's day. sure, it's my probation officer, but hey, let's not be picky

this is a depressing update. let's continue

so like i said, i couldn't sleep. which meant staying awake in the dark listening to sad songs until i decided to be even more depressed and look up old pictures on my computer. it makes me sad to know that not that long ago i was truly happy. i guess i just can't wait for the cycle to come around again, cuz this shit sucks

so now i'm sitting downstairs in the dark with a blanket because michigan is awful listening to sad songs on this computer (of which there are woefully few) and wishing anything but tennis was on espn. oh well

let's be positive now. sadly, this was probably revolve around movies and tv mostly

scrubs is back. yay
afro samurai is a fantastic show
snakes on a plane is my mom's new favorite movie

i guess i can't really think of as much good tv as i thought. what a shocker

heh, shocker

guess i can't think of too many positives in general, either. how uninspiringly melodramatic of me

gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight

welp, i guess that about it does it for now. maybe i'll go read. before that, however, i'll change the atmosphere of this post at the last second

and, for the moment you've all been waiting for

the triumphant return of trivia

i'm sure you all remember how this works. no cheating and looking up answers. since last i did trivia, wikipedia has sprung and become the greatest thing ever, so no looking on there. jerks. anyway, post your answers and i dole out points. so tough. here goes

1 pt: what is the name of marv's gun in sin city?

1 pt: who shot mr. burns?

1 pt: what is the name of the eagle on the colbert report?

1 pt: how do you perform a dragon punch in street fighter 2?

that's why i never kiss 'em on the mouth
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